Wellington Begonia House Wedding Venue Review

Begonia House is a Glasshouse in the Wellington Botanic Garden in Wellington, New Zealand. We photograph a lot of weddings around the Wellington region and it seems like a lot of people aren’t even aware that Begonia House is a wedding venue in Wellington. This blows our mind because Begonia House is such a cool and unique space to have your wedding. So we thought we would review Begonia House as a wedding venue and show you why getting married in a glasshouse is such a good idea.

Begonia House looks amazing as a reception venue!

The first thing I have to address is how good the Begonia house looks set up as a wedding reception venue. From a photographer's point of view the Begonia house is a beautiful reception venue. One thing that is often a challenge to deal with from a photographer's point of view is a sunny wedding day. The light in the Begonia House (even on a sunny day) is soft and flattering because it is a glasshouse so the light is filtered through slightly frosted glass. Here are a few examples of the soft light at a Begonia house wedding. 

You don’t even have to decorate the Begonia House for your wedding because it’s already so beautiful

Another thing that makes the Begonia House fantastic as a wedding venue, is all of the plants and florals that are already there. Begonia House is overflowing with lush tropical plants that line the walls and hang from the ceiling, so if you don’t want to spend your time styling your wedding venue, you don’t have to.

The weddings that we have photographed at Begonia House have added only small amounts of styling to the space such as beautiful wooden long tables and accompanying tableware. You could add more if you wanted to, but you don’t have to. Begonia House will look beautiful as a wedding venue space regardless.

If you’re getting married in Wellington but still dreaming of an outdoor reception, Begonia House wedding venue is the answer

If you’re a Wellingtonian dreaming of an outdoor reception, the Begonia House wedding venue is perfect because you can have the best of both worlds. Lush plant life, a warm climate, and beautiful light, without risking Wellingtons gale force winds on your wedding day.

The atmosphere at a Begonia House wedding is really unique. Being surrounded by so much vegetation, with plants hanging low down from the ceiling, it almost doesn't feel like you’re in Wellington anymore.

How many people can I have at my Begonia House wedding?

The Begonia House wedding venue fits up to 90 people seated or up to 120 people standing. We have photographed weddings that used the Begonia House for a seated dinner and also weddings that used it for a standing reception. Both worked really well in the space.

Can I have my wedding ceremony in Begonia House?

The Begonia House wedding venue is available from 5pm until 1am. For all of the weddings we have photographed there, this has meant that the couple have chosen to use a different location for their ceremony earlier in the day. Some people have used the Magpie Lawn in the Botanic Garden as their ceremony location, which is just a 5 minute walk from the Begonia House (photos of Magpie Lawn Ceremony below).

Other Wedding Ceremony Spot ideas

Others have gone for a ceremony location in Wellington city (also very close to the Begonia House) or more adventurous ceremony spots out on Wellington’s rugged coastline in places like Makara Beach. as pictured below.

If you were happy to have a ceremony after 5pm, I can’t see why you couldn’t use the Begonia house as a ceremony location. But I think for most people, finding another ceremony location and using the Begonia house as the reception, dinner, cocktail evening, or after party location will work best.

Want to know more?

If you are interested in having your wedding at Begonia House here are a few useful bits of information for you about Begonia House as a wedding venue:

  • Begonia House is really close to Wellington City, just a 5 minute drive from the centre of Wellington City, New Zealand

  • Venue Hire: from $600 to $900

  • Not included in venue hire: All furniture, styling, sound, catering and clean-up to be arranged by couple.

  • Parking available on site

  • There are plenty of accommodation options available nearby for guests traveling from out of town

Begonia House is an incredible wedding venue full of lush plant life and beautiful soft light. So if you have booked/or are thinking of booking Begonia House for your wedding, then you’ve made a fantastic decision.

How do I find out more about Begonia House for my wedding?

You can find the current pricing, booking and contact details for Begonia House on the Wellington City Council's website here.

Or if you have any questions for us feel free to contact us on hello@timandnadine.com

We hope you have a wonderful wedding!